Our Speakers!

Johnny Boursiquot

Johnny Boursiquot

Johnny Boursiquot is a multi-disciplined software and cloud engineer with two decades of industry experience spanning various server, client, and mobile technologies. He enjoys teaching technology, training developers, and has authored Go Standard Library Solutions available now from Packt Publishing.

Matt and Francesc

Matt Silverlock

Matt Silverlock is an engineer at Google, and co-maintainer of multiple Go-related open-source projects, including the Gorilla Toolkit. He cares about developer-friendly APIs and documentation.

Francesc Campoy

Francesc Campoy is a VP of Product & Developer Relations at source{d}, was previously on the Go team at Google, and is a proud LGBTQIA+ advocate. He also runs a popular YouTube channel around Go, called JustForFunc

CSI: Gopher

If we could intelligently parse all of the open-source Go code on GitHub, what could we learn? We’re going to show you some of the interesting things we’ve found in Go projects, from library usage, idioms & package layouts, to how Gophers can use this data to make decisions about their own APIs.

Vicki Niu

Vicki Niu

Vicki Niu is a software engineer at Interstellar, where she works on the Protocol team to translate cutting-edge blockchain research into real-world software. Prior to Interstellar, Vicki studied computer science and race relations at Stanford, where she co-founded the group CS+Social Good. She loves writing code, watching romantic comedies, and eating spicy food.

Off the Chain! Scaling Blockchains in Go

Blockchains are the hot new thing that everyone’s talking about, but nobody uses. This talk covers a key challenge in the blockchain space — scaling — through the perspective of two Go projects. Come learn about the state of blockchain scaling, and the features & limits of Go in the space.

John Crepezzi

John Crepezzi

John Crepezzi is a developer at GitHub in New Jersey. He is the author of several popular open source libraries including ice_cube, easy_translate and gotcha. He is also the creator of the open source pastebin software hastebin. He enjoys speaking and blogging about code, learning new things, and writing great software.

Interacting with custom-made hardware in Go

We’ll take a glance at what it looks like to work with external hardware in Go. We’ll talk about programming external devices directly, briefly about working with Arduino, and show some real-life examples of Go code that interfaces with hardware and the code/tech that goes into it.